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Childhood Injury Prevention Program (CIPP) Fact Sheet

 MO-07-0010 CIPP


  • To prevent intentional and unintentional injuries to children and youth in California.
  • To incorporate injury prevention activities into existing programs and practices.
  • To promote public awareness on the importance and preventable nature of child and adolescent injuries


  • Injuries are the leading cause of death in California to persons from birth through age 40. 
  • The most frequent fatal injuries of young children are due to drowning, suffocation, motor vehicle incidents, and homicide. 
  • The most frequent fatal injuries of adolescents are due to homicide, motor vehicle incidents, and suicide. 
  • The most frequent fatal injuries to young adults are homicide, suicide, motor vehicle incidents, and unintentional poisoning.

Program Activities 

  • Provide technical assistance and training to local MCAH programs to integrate injury prevention interventions into programs, policy development and outreach activities.
  • Collaboration between national, state, local, and regional agencies to share data, funding sources, and access to the population at risk. 
  • Participate in the development of public education strategies and policy to change behaviors and the environment (e.g., pool barriers, helmet use, automobile safety, and home safety evaluations and recommendations).

Who Benefits 

  • All children and families in California.

Who Provides Services

  •  State and local health department staff who incorporate injury prevention activities into their existing MCAH programs. To locate assistance in your area, please see our MCAH Directors and Local Toll Free Numbers Listing.
  • State staff and consultants from the Center for Injury Prevention Policy and Practice and San Diego State University who provide assistance to local MCAH programs to incorporate injury prevention into their Scope of Work.
  • Nurse Consultants at the CDPH MCAH Program who provide guidance and technical assistance to Local Health Jurisdictions related to injury prevention.


  • Federal Title V MCH Block Grant Funds.   Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program administers CIPP.  Please see the CIPP Program for more information.
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