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Proposition 84 Funding for Public Water Systems

Last Update:  July 1, 2014


Section 75021 Active Projects List has been updated.

Section 75021 Interim Water Supplies:  Applications, application guidelines, and draft FAQs for interim water supplies are available below.

Other Funding information:  Please go to our funding opportunities for public water systems webpage for important announcements, claims forms, and pre-application information.


Proposition 84, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Act of 2006 (Public Resources Code Section 75001, et seq.), was passed by California voters in the November 2006 general election.  [To stay current, refer to the actual Public Resources Code, Division 43.] 

CDPH's Drinking Water Program is responsible for implementing Sections 75021, 75022, and 75025 of Chapter 2 (Safe Drinking Water and Water Quality Projects). CDPH held public workshops in 2007 (see the workshop presentation (PowerPoint)Opens in new window.) and sought public comments on draft criteria for funding under Chapter 2.  In addition, CDPH received input from its Stakeholder Committee Members.

In September 2008, Senate Bills SB X2 1(PDF)Opens in new window. and SB 732 (PDF) Opens in new window.were signed into law, requiring changes to funding criteria for Sections 75022 and 75025. CDPH held two public meetings in 2009 to consider public comments on the draft revised criteria for Section 75022 and for the draft new criteria for Section 75025 (now final, see below).

On December 21, 2012, CDPH revised the criteria for Proposition 84, Section 75021 Emergency Grants to expand the allowable uses of the funding to address an urgent need to provide interim water supplies to public water systems that serve severely disadvantaged communities and lack the technical and financial capability to deliver water that meets primary safe drinking water standards.

On April 16, 2014, CDPH revised the criteria for Proposition 84, Sections 75022 and 75025.  The revisions allow CDPH to extend project completion deadlines beyond the maximums specified in prior criteria.  The criteria changes were made in consultation with appropriate stakeholder groups.  CDPH did not receive any comments opposing the revisions.

Criteria for Funding

Section 75021 Criteria (December 21, 2012) (PDF)Opens in new window.(Emergency clean water grants - $10 Million).

NOTE: Under certain circumstances applications may be forwarded to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) for funding under its Cleanup and Abatement Account (CAA).  CAA funds have fewer restrictions than Proposition 84 on the funding of operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and are not subject to Proposition 84 labor compliance requirements.  Please contact your local CDPH District Office (PDF)Opens in new window. or the SWRCB CAA program for more information.

Section 75022 Revised Criteria (April 16, 2014) (PDF) Opens in new window. (Small community infrastructure improvements for chemical and nitrate contaminants - $180 Million). 

Section 75025 Revised Criteria (April 16, 2014) (PDF)Opens in new window.(Grants to prevent or reduce contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water - $60 Million).  

Pre-Applications for Funding

CDPH is no longer accepting pre-applications for Proposition 84 Section 75022 funding.

CDPH is not accepting applications for Proposition 84 Section 75025 funding at this time.

Project Priority Lists (PPLs)

Section 75022 - Chemical and Nitrate Contaminants

Round 1 PPL (Section 75022) - April 1, 2008 Draft (PDF) Opens in new window. 

Round 2 PPL (Section 75022) - January 30, 2009 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Round 3 PPL (Section 75022) - April 25, 2011 (PDF) Opens in new window. 

Section 75025 - Groundwater

Round 1 PPL (Section 75025) – May 5, 2010 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Round 2 PPL (Section 75025) - April 20, 2012 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Active Projects Lists

Section 75021 - Interim Water Supplies

Part 1 Emergency - Active Projects List (Section 75021) - June 16, 2014 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Section 75022 - Chemical and Nitrate Contaminants

Rounds 1-3 Active Projects List (Section 75022) - March 12, 2014 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Section 75025 - Groundwater

Rounds 1-2 Active Projects List (Section 75025) - March 12, 2014 (PDF)Opens in new window.

Application Materials

Section 75021 - Interim Water Supplies

Section 75021 Application (Word) Opens in new window.

Section 75021 Application Guidelines (Word)Opens in new window.

Section 75021 Draft FAQs (Word) Opens in new window.

Section 75022 - Chemical and Nitrate Contaminants

Section 75022 Application Materials  

Section 75025 - Groundwater

Section 75025 Application Materials 

For More Information

Contact DWP by telephone at (916) 449-5600, or by email at dwpfunds@cdph.ca.gov.

Mailed correspondence should be addressed to:

Proposition 84 Funding Program
Drinking Water Program
State Water Resource Control Board
P.O. Box 997377, MS 7408
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

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