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Water Treatment Devices: Regulation of Bacteriostatic Water Filters

NOTE: This page and the linked pages below are for historical reference only, due to statutory changes -- for information about the current Residential Water Treatment Device Program, click here.

Last Update:  January 23, 2008

In addition to regulation by CDPH's Water Treatment Device Certification Unit, bacteriostatic water filters are regulated by the Pesticide Registration Branch of Cal/EPA's Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR).

  • If your product is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency  (US EPA) and bears an EPA Reg. No., then you must also register your product with DPR before it can be sold or offered for sale in California.

  • If your bacteriostatic water filter product is not yet registered by the US EPA, contact that agency for information on obtaining federal registration (see US EPA's information on antimicrobial pesticide products).  Once federal registration is obtained, you must then obtain California registration through DPR.

  • State requirements for registration include submission of an application form, a registration fee, and verification of US EPA registration, and supporting data showing that the product is safe and effective as claimed on your labeling and on accompanying literature. For more detailed information, contact CDPR's Pesticide Registration Branch.

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