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The Veterinary Public Health Section (VPHS) protects Californians from animal-borne disease and injuries through the surveillance, investigation, prevention, and control of zoonotic diseases that affect humans and animals.  

VPHS administers three statutory control programs for 1) rabies surveillance and prevention, 2) wild animal importation, 3) pet bird/psittacosis control, and one regulatory program governing the importation, sale, and distribution of turtles in the State. VPHS provides consultation to local health officers, directors of environmental health, other governmental agencies, healthcare providers, and the general public on pet importation, rabies control, psittacosis, foodborne illness, and other issues involving veterinary medicine and zoonotic diseases (infectious diseases transmitted from animals to people). VPHS assists local counties in the investigation, control, and prevention of zoonotic diseases, including but not limited to, rabies, brucellosis, and Q fever. VPHS investigates violations and consults on zoonotic diseases associated with imported wild animals, and also conducts inspections of approved quarantine facilities in California. VPHS is organized within the Infectious Diseases Branch of the Division of Communicable Disease Control.

VPHS can be contacted at VetPH@cdph.ca.gov or 916-552-9740 with any questions or concerns.

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