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California WIC Food List Database

The Food List Database is a database of WIC Authorized Foods that have been reviewed and approved by State Agency (SA) staff.  The database is a supplement to the WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide (WAFL SG) sorted by food category to assist participants and grocers in identifying CA WIC authorized foods.  In addition to being sorted by food category, the database identifies the brands of foods, package sizes, UPC, and other relevant authorization criteria. 

Brand Specific Foods

Products in these food categories are specified by brand and identified in the WAFL SG.  Foods fall into this group when USDA regulations outline specific nutritional criteria for the food and allowable brands of food are not easy for a participant to identify. Food categories that are authorized by specific brand in the WAFL SG will be reviewed periodically.  We will update this page when we are soliciting submissions for these food categories. 

  • Non-Brand Specific Foods

    Products in these food categories are not specified in the WAFL SG by brand.  Instead, criteria are listed in the WAFL SG under the headings “can buy” and “cannot buy.”  Food categories that are not identified as brand specific in the WAFL SG and meet the specific criteria can be added to the Food List Database on an ongoing basis.  Manufacturers can submit products that meet the eligibility requirements as they become available, see Product Submission for Food Manufacturers.

  • Canned Fish (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Canned Mature Beans (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Cheese (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Dry Beans, Peas, or Lentils (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Eggs (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Peanut Butter (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Infant Foods

  • Juice 

  • Milk

  • Whole Grains

  • Bread - 100% Whole Wheat (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Brown Rice (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Bulgur (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Oatmeal or Oats (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"
  • Tortillas (PDF)"Opens a new browser window"

  • Rebate Contract Foods

    Federal regulations require that the state agency (SA) continuously operate a cost containment system for infant formula.  Infant formula cost containment takes the form of a single-supplier competitive bid process, resulting in a contract to supply and provide a rebate for infant formula.  The SA must award the contract(s) to the responsive and responsible bidder(s) offering the lowest total monthly net price for infant formula or the highest monthly rebate for a standardized number of units of infant formula.  California WIC’s current rebate contract for infant formula is with Mead Johnson and Company will end on July 31, 2015.

    Infant Formula

  • Contract Formula
  •  Note: If a food category is not underlined, it is still being developed. 

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