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Your Agency's Staff Training Plan

Overview of the Staff Training Plan

The purpose of the Staff Training Plan is to outline your plans for training to ensure that your staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality WIC services.  The plan also reflects your on-going assessment of the training needs of your staff and training that is provided, which ensures compliance with Federal and State training mandates.  The requirements for staff training, mandatory training, approval for training and documentation of the training are outlined in the WIC Program Manual Sections: 190-00, 190-10, and 190-20.

The Staff Training Plan is to be completed and kept on file at your local WIC agency once every three years at the start of a new 3-Year cycle for the Nutrition Services Plan (NSP) and updated periodically as needed.  Having a Staff Training Plan on file satisfies one of the requirements for completing the NSP.

For FFY 2012-2014, your agency’s Staff Training Plan will also include the annual submission of a completed Participant-Centered Education (PCE) implementation plan which will be made available to you in a survey format.  In August of each year, the Training and Career Development Section will announce the availability of this survey for completion no later than September 30.  Visit the NSP Work Plan (Goal 3) for more information on the goal for PCE.

Questions regarding your agency’s Staff Training Plan or NSP Goal 3 on PCE can be forwarded to WICTCDS@cdph.ca.gov.  Be sure to add the words, Training Question, to the subject line.

General Considerations for Developing the Staff Training Plan

Consider the following when developing your Staff Training Plan:

  • Staff turnover/increases;
  • Current level of staff skills/experience;
  • Nutrition education campaigns;
  • Matching staff responsibilities with general WIC Program goals and services, local agency nutrition education goals, and participant needs;
  • Changes in the demographics of the population your agency serves;
  • Targeting areas of training needs identified from quality assurance monitoring;
  • Using participant-centered techniques in staff meetings and training;
  • Sponsorship of the training (e.g. WIC approved conference, training by established professional organization, etc.);
  • Reasonableness of training cost in comparison to your agency’s overall budget;
  • Current health trends in your WIC population; and
  • Changes in WIC policies.

Training Approval Criteria

State WIC Program approval is not required for training events if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Training event is consistent with the local agency Staff Training Plan, which is required to be completed and kept on file at your local WIC agency as one of the requirements for completing the Nutrition Services Plan;
  2. Training event is in California;
  3. Proposed attendees are WIC employees;
  4. Registration fee and travel costs are within guidelines stated in the WIC Contract Management Binder.  Click on the following link for access to the CMB: WIC Contract Management Binder (CMB); and
  5. Attendance for local agency staff at the following conferences:
    • California WIC Association (CWA) Annual Spring Conference -Events
    • California WIC Association (CWA) Annual Fall Management Conference - Events
    • California Dietetic Association (CDA) Conference - CDA Home
    • California Childhood Obesity Conference - CSUS

Local agency staff traveling to attend conferences or training that do not meet the above criteria must complete a WIC Local Agency Training and Travel Request form.  A fillable version of this form is available at the following link:  WIC Local Agency Training and Travel Request.  The form must be submitted to the State WIC Program Regional Advisor ten (10) business days prior to the event, unless the travel criteria described below has been met.

See the WIC Contract Management Binder Chapter 9 for additional information regarding out-of-state conference approval, travel claim rates, daily expense allowances, allowable business expenses, and transportation guidelines.

Requirements for the Staff Training Schedule/Log

Local WIC agencies are required to develop and maintain a training schedule/log of all meetings, workshops, conferences, and other training activities attended by staff for documentation. Please keep this log updated and on file at your local WIC agency. The log may be reviewed by state staff during program evaluation reviews, technical assistance visits and training support visits and must include the date(s) of training(s), location, topics covered, speaker name(s) and name(s) of staff attending the training.

Training Schedule/Log Template
Complete your Training Schedule/Log and keep on file at your local WIC agency. You can use this template to document your training schedule, or you may develop your own form.  If you design your own form, ensure that it includes all the required components described above.
Documentation of Required Trainings
The following required trainings must be included in the Training Schedule/Log:
  • Attendance at the fall management conferences;
  • Attendance at the annual statewide WIC conferences;
  • A second nutrition training for registered dietitian(s);
  • Annual training on screening participants for alcohol and drug abuse and within the first year of employment for new WIC staff;
  • Annual civil rights training for all staff and within the first year of employment for new WIC staff;
  • Trainings that support statewide nutrition education campaigns; and
  • Trainings that support lactation education requirements.
Documentation of Attendance
The Training Schedule/Log will also consist of a separate attendance/signature log for each training, which includes the printed names and signatures of staff attending the training.
Local WIC agencies are required to document the completion of individual follow-up training for all staff who miss the mandatory annual trainings (civil rights and alcohol and drug abuse).
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