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The California Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program is planning to replace its paper checks with an electronic card. The technology is called Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). EBT is most commonly associated with CalFresh so in the attempt to eliminate any confusion between CalFresh & WIC our new benefit issuance method will be referred to as eWIC. eWIC will allow WIC participants to receive financial benefits to purchase approved foods from WIC authorized grocer vendors or farmer vendors using an eWIC card.  

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    Latest News

    We are happy to announce that the eWIC Planning contractor is on board and the eWIC Project is officially launched!

    The Highlands Consulting Group was selected and has begun working with the WIC program to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study and cost analysis for implementing EBT in California.  The contractor’s work activities will result in an Implementation Advance Planning Document (IAPD) for submission to USDA.

    The Highlands Consulting Group has worked with CDPH on other planning projects and has also worked on other USDA/FNS projects specifically at the Department of Education.  We are excited to partner with the Highlands Consulting group as we plan for implementing eWIC. Click Here For More Information on the Highlands Group eWIC Planning Team Consultants.New WIndow

    Updated: 3/1/13

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    During the eWIC planning and implementation stages, the Communication Planning Team will post updates and information about eWIC as it becomes available.Please select your category for more specific information regarding the eWIC project.

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    You may send your questions or comments by email to:  WICEBT@CDPH.ca.gov

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