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ELTAC - Method Audit Checklists

Last Update:  April 21, 2009

The following checklists were prepared by the Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee's (ELTAC's) subcommittee on analytical methods checklists.  Part of ELTAC's charge is to play a role in the exchange of technical information.

The checklists have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) management, and thus do not represent an official statement of ELAP's views or policy.  Posting these materials does not indicate ELAP adoption or endorsement of the information contained herein. 

Checklists are posted for informational purposes only and are offered as providing the environmental laboratory community a common set of procedures/standards to conduct internal quality control reviews and as tools to help prepare for audits from ELAP and other external auditing authorities or regulatory authorities. 

Some checklists are for analytical methods that may no longer be EPA-recognized or approved. 

ELAP has provided the following comments related to these checklists:

The checklists are not part of the Department’s requirements for certification. The checklists could be used by laboratories on a routine basis for checking on the performance of the analytical methods used. The lists, however, are not comprehensive and do not cover all methods used nor their recent updates. Laboratories should not misinterpret the posting of these checklists as being officially approved by the Department.

Furthermore, these checklists are no substitutes for the on-site inspection and audits conducted by ELAP when all aspects of the diverse functions of environmental testing laboratories are reviewed for compliance with the law, including but not limited to documentation related to laboratory operations and quality assurance, methods and SOPs used, accuracy and reliability of data, data review, supervisor review, corrective actions, records, and reporting requirements.  (see statutes, regulations, and draft revised regulations on the ELAP webpage.

A checklist for microbiological methods is also included.  It is 2004 ELAP document that is to be updated and revised.  Nonetheless, it can be used as a guidance document for laboratories to check their practices.   ELAP will replace it when an updated version is available.

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